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Know about us
The history of a company is defined by its strategy and its functional structure, both are important for a competitive company.

For a company as COVERFILM  is a fundamental point to have a common culture and the necessary tools to transmit it.

Our Mission
COVERFILM is a leader company in our sector, plastic material transformation, specialized in agricultural, horticultural and construction sections. Our main object is the continuous satisfaction of our customers.

Our Vision
To consolidate Coverfilm's position in the world, our main purpose is to increase our business activity and to grow national and internationally based in the technological development.



The Avant-Garde Agriculture presents new questions daily.

Our Challenge comes from striving to find new answers and solutions on a constant basis. For that reason the Research and Development department is so important.

This is where the solutions come from, which make our films a more efficient tool as far as new cultivation techniques are concerned.

In order to make specialized films, we need a very specific technology. Coverfilm has always been the pioneer in this field keeping abreast of new changes.

Investigating in Three Layer Co-extrusion machines able to produce more technical films.
Controlling the quality at every step of production.


> Mulching

> Silage

> Desinfection

> Special Films




> For use on construction works.

> As a protection film against on site materials and tools.

> As a protection film for construction materials.

> Packaging and wrapping construction materials.

> As a Damp Proofing membrane for all construction work.

> For storage of goods in adverse weather conditions, protection outer packaging and the product.

> Flexibility and speed in covering and uncovering the product.



Coverfilm is committed to continuous research and development of its silage products to enable customers worldwide to reduce storage and operational costs as well as assuring a high quality feed for the duration of the storage.

These goals are achieved by employing a combination of advanced manufacturing techniques with the latest generation of polythene resins and speciality additives as well as extensive on-field trial programme in various export markets.

All films are designed to cover fodder, grain, etc. and preserve its natural nutritional values. Impermeability to water is guaranteed and so is a low rate permeability to oxygen avoiding possible leakage of polluting gases. Specialty resins avoid premature UV degradation.

Colour combinations (black, white/black, green/black, green or white) are available to reduce excessive heating of the fodder and avoid unwanted fermentation as well as allowing to maintain balanced internal temperature.

Silage Sheets (Bunker Covers)

3 layer co-extruded LDPE/LLDPE sheets designed to offer excellent mechanical properties and resistance to tearing and impact.



The HDPE geomembrane is mainly a high density polyethylene liner made of and high molecular weight, high resistance to ultraviolet rays, 800% coefficient of expansion and high tensile strength. Basically used as impervious barrier to water action, chemicals, petrochemicals, solid wastes (industrial and urban) and mining. So as the storage, conservation for water treatment and aquaculture usage, on very different substrates, as soil, sand, concrete or steel.

Polyethylene Geomembranes are specifically designed for outdoor conditions. They do not contain additives or fillings that may evaporate and wear out over time. They are generally used as a water tight element to contain liquids, liners in leach pads, deposits, canals, dams, reservoirs and storage tanks, among others.

COVERFILM geomembranes are heat fusionable and manufactured with virgin polyethylene resins, especially formulated and certified. They are resistant to a wide range of chemical products, such as acids, salts, alcohols, oils and hydrocarbons in high concentrations and/or diluted at different temperatures.

In addition their high resistance to chemical agents and UV radiation (UV with 2-3% carbon black), high tensile strength and excellent stiffness, they offer excellent mechanical properties, their low permeability behaves as a barrier for fluids and gases.



Coverfilm manufactures greenhouse and tunnel plastic covers using multilayer co-extrusion technology. This permits us to achieve consistent product quality and specific product designs according to our customer’s needs.

Coverfilm offers a high quality product design that combines enhanced resistance to UV degradation and specific photo-selective properties for natural light transmission, diffusion or heat retention. Special additives can be used upon demand to design “tailor-made” products.

All films offered are manufactured in mixes of LDPE (Low Density Polythene) and EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) materials. Thickness ranges from 100 microns up to 200 microns for standard products and various widths.

UV: plastic designed for resistance to solar degradation with excellent balance of light transmission / diffusion that ensures photosynthesis efficiency and uniform plant growth.

UV+IR: plastic designed for extended duration and combines excellent balance of light transmission / diffusion together with IR retention for control of temperatures inside the greenhouse / tunnel. This permits to achieve good growth rates, maintain higher foliage temperatures, prevent the risk of scorching and frost damage as well as to reduce costs on night heating.



COVERFILM manufactures high performance mulch films using multilayer co-extrusion technology in order to guarantee reinforced mechanical properties (elongation and product memory) as well as maximum tear resistance and guaranteed on-field duration.

The range of products designed for open field applications are ideal solutions for weed control, soil temperature control, fumigation, solarization, pest control, reducing water evaporation or creating micro climates as guarantees to advance and/or extend the growing season.

For use as mulch, these films are manufactured from LDPE, LLDPE or a mixture of both. Thicknesses range from 13,75 µ (55 gauge) to 50 µ (200 gauge) depending on the intended application.

For use on micro-tunnels these films are available in thickness ranging from 50 µ (200 gauge) to 125 µ (500 gauge) depending on their intended application.